Stealth CA-1000 Ominidirectional TV Antenna

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Finally, a mobile high-performance Omnidirectional TV/Wi-Fi/FM antenna has arrived! Years of research in the area of RF engineering has produced two cutting-edge mobile antennas by Free Signal TV that are perfect for a wide variety of mobile applications. The Stealth CA-1000 Model offers users outstanding Omnidirectional HDTV/FM terrestrial reception from transmission sources up to 60 miles away. The sleek and rugged design features flush surface or elevated pedestal mounting, a built in 75 Ohm Coaxial pigtail and downline connectivity panel for easy hookup to any TV or DVR unit. The Stealth CA-1000W integrates high performance Omnidirectional Wi-Fi Hub capabilities with TV/FM reception to create the world’s first Hybrid TV/WiFi/FM antenna capable of delivering a Wi-Fi reception field of up to one mile from the antenna. Camp, hike and boat with outstanding device connectivity to the Stealth hub! Being mobile no longer means sacrificing connectivity or relying on fractured cell phone reception. Simply link to any available local Wi-Fi network via the easy to navigate user interface and then connect your devices wirelessly or through the included multi-component connection portal to start enjoying powerful streaming bandwidth capability with long range accessibility!
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