The Transit Series – 22" 12 Volt DC Powered LED Flat Panel HDTV

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Groundbreaking engineering has created Free Signal TV’s Transit line of 12 Volt Powered LED Flat Panel HDTVs! Have a mobile need for big screen TV without the constraints of 110V Power?Campers, RVers and OTR Truckers (just to name few) - your mobile Entertainment TV solution has arrived! The Transit lineup offers diagonal screen sizes up to 40” along with features often found in high end audiophile flat panel TVs.These versatile, light weight LED TVs also allow in-home use by simply attaching the optional CHD-1260 Power Brick AC/DC adapter. Wide viewing angle, fast response time, dynamic audio response and superb brightness provide outstanding picture and sound.Perhaps best of all – Free Signal TV has built the Voyager line up for long term use with a One-Year replacement warranty with advance shipment and a value packed price that’s similar to conventional in home LED TV models. Catch the latest in outdoor/portable TV entertainment by clicking here.

Transit TV Series

CT-22 CT-28T18CT-32T18CT-40T18

Screen Size 21.5" Diagonal, Size 27.5” Diagonal, Size 31.5” Diagonal, Size 40” Diagonal

Display Resolution 22" 1366 X 768, 28" 1366 X 768, 32" 1366 X 768, 40" 1920 X 1080

Brightness 22" 300 cd/m2, 28" 300 cd/m2, 32" 2300 cd/m2, 40" 2500 cd/m2

Viewing Angle 22" 160 X 150, 28" 160 X 150 degrees, 32" 178 X 178, 40" 178 X 178 degrees

Response Time5 ms5 ms5 ms

Audio Output2 x 3W2 x 6W2 x 8W

Power12V DC12V DC12V DC

Power Consumption<39W<49W<65W

Dimensions (WxHxD)25.1 X 13.75 X 2.5”28.8 X 17.4 X 3.2”36.4 X 21.5 X 3.6”

Weight9.2 lbs13.1 lbs15.5 lbs

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