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Marathon Plus HDTV Antenna

Marathon Plus HDTV Antenna

SKU: CA-2600P
$189.00 Regular Price
$170.00Sale Price

The redesigned and reengineered Marathon Plus features new breakthrough technology for long-range HDTV antenna reception. Most antennas on the market offer short range reception, poor VHF performance and can only serve one TV, requiring the purchase of multiple antennas to serve a typical household.


The Marathon Plus is different. By combining advanced materials and design with cutting edge RF circuitry and new notch filter technology, the Marathon Plus delivers solid OTA TV signals in HD from transmission towers up to 110 miles away across all bandwidths and amplifies those signals to levels that can serve up to 6 TV’s.


Hooking things up is easy. There’s one connection to replace existing cable or satellite service. The Marathon Plus system utilizes existing splitters and cable routing to connect to multiple TVs and receives its power via a unique power injection module placed downstream from the antenna in the included coaxial line for easy set up.


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