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Order 10+ Airview-Digital DVR/Converter

Order 10+ Airview-Digital DVR/Converter

$59.99 Regular Price
$54.00Sale Price
Order 10-49 Units of the Airview Digital DVR/Converter Box

Off-Air TV Viewing Just Got a Whole Lot More Convenient…
Introducing the AirView–Digital DVR/Convertor Box

1.Interfaces with the Marathon Whole House HDTV Antenna

2. Allows Recording of Off-Air programming on a removable flash drive

3. Analog to Digital RF signal conversion with HDMI out

4. Includes Learning Remote, 8 MG Flash Drive and HDMI cable

 Easy Hook up and User Programming

5. Vendor Pricing provides strong ROI for customer lease or purchase plan

6. Free Signal TV Customer Service and Warranty Terms
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