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The Marathon Plus – Model CA-2600P ($179) New for 2020!  The redesigned and reengineered Marathon Plus features new breakthrough technology for long-range HD TV antenna reception. Most antennas on the market offer short range reception, poor VHF performance and can only serve one TV, requiring the purchase of multiple antennas to serve a typical household. The Marathon Plus is different. By combining advanced materials and design with cutting edge RF circuitry and new notch filter technology, the Marathon Plus delivers solid OTA TV signals in HD from transmission towers up to 110 miles away across all bandwidths and amplifies those signals to levels that can serve up to 6 TV’s. Hooking things up is easy. There’s one connection to replace existing cable or satellite service. The Marathon Plus system utilizes existing splitters and cable routing to connect to multiple TVs and receives its power via a unique power injection module placed downstream from the antenna in the included coaxial line for easy set up. Order now by clicking HERE.




The AirView-3500FS ($69) Are you Cutting the Cord and think you'll miss your DVR function?  Not when you add the AirView to your Marathon antenna and create a total TV entertainment system.  The AirView is a unique digital convertor box that also offers programmed recording of your favorite TV shows.  Its cutting edge technology allows it to record programs of your choice on an external memory device - making taking your shows with you possible!  Try that on a cable or satellite DVR box!  We even include a flash drive to get you on your way to recording in no time. The AirView also comes with a 6' high quality HDMI cable - making connection to your HDTV easy. And the picture quality is second to none for off air broadcast signals!  The unit comes with a learning remote for armchair programming and a detailed user guide that makes operation a breeze.  Here are the Specs:  Dimensions - 5" X 7" X 3",  Weight: 1.8 lbs, Outputs: HDMI, Component, 75 Ohm Coaxial. Get it now by clicking here.

T-1001 J Pipe Mounting Bracket ($19.00)

19" Length, 1 5/8" Diameter mast, light gray powder coated finish. Includes all mounting hardware. Can be attached on the roof, wall, chimney or any other flat surface. J-pipe is reversible from mounting foot for a variety of positioning options.




T-1002 Vertical Post Indoor Mounting Bracket ($19.00)

15" length, 1" diameter galvanized finish. Includes all mounting hardware. Two-way bracket design permits horizontal and vertical mounting. Note: This is not intended for outdoor use where antenna may be subject to wind loading.




L Pipe Mounting Brackets ($19.00)

Diameter mast, light gray powder coated finish. Includes all mounting hardware. Can be attached on the roof, wall, chimney or any other flat surface. L-pipe is reversible from mounting foot for a variety of positioning options.

Transit 12 Volt HDTV Series – Screen Sizes 22” to 40”

Groundbreaking engineering has created Free Signal TV’s Transit line of 12 Volt Powered LED Flat Panel HDTVs! Have a mobile need for big screen TV without the constraints of 110V Power?  Campers, RVers and OTR Truckers (just to name a few) - your mobile Entertainment TV solution has arrived!  The Transit lineup offers diagonal screen sizes up to 40” along with features often found in high end audiophile flat panel TVs.These versatile, light weight LED TVs also allow in-home use by simply attaching the optional CHD-1260 Power Brick AC/DC adapter. Wide viewing angle, fast response time, dynamic audio response and superb brightness provide outstanding picture and sound.Perhaps best of all – Free Signal TV has built the Transit line up for long term use with a One-Year replacement warranty with advance shipment and a value packed price that’s similar to conventional in home LED TV models.

*28-inch model features an optional, integrated, standard-definition, vibration-isolated DVD player for movies and videos.


Transit TV AC Power Brick ($29.00)

Simply attach to any Transit TV model to allow in-home use

Stealth - Ready for Pre-Order - Available June 1st

Finally, a mobile high-performance Omnidirectional TV/FM antenna has arrived! Years of research in the area of RF engineering has produced a cutting-edge mobile 12V DC powered antenna by Free Signal TV that is perfect for a wide variety of mobile applications. The Stealth CA-1000 Model offers users outstanding Omnidirectional HDTV/FM terrestrial reception from transmission sources up to 60 miles away. The sleek and rugged design features flush surface mounting, a built-in 75 Ohm Coaxial pigtail and downline connectivity panel for easy hookup to any TV or DVR unit. This is the perfect antenna for RV, auto and truck applications where 12 DC power is available. 



Master Mount

Free Signal TV’s Master Mounts for Flat Screen Televisions feature new lightweight, slimline designs that provide solid and secure TV attachment to any vertical surface along with close to the wall (2.5”) positioning and up/down tilt angles (5 degrees/20 degrees) for optimal viewing angles.

The JM-1000 is perfect for TV screen sizes between 22” to 32” and includes all necessary hardware to safely mount any TV using VESA bolt pattern of 75 X 75 or 100 X 100 with a maximum weight load of 50 lbs.


The JM-2000 is perfect for TV screen sizes between 32” to 42” and includes all necessary hardware to safely mount any TV using VESA bolt pattern of 75 X 75, 100 X 100, 200 X 100 and 200 X 200 with a maximum weight load of 80 lbs.


All products carry a one year free replacement warranty and top-rated Tech Support by Free Signal TV.



SLICK CLICK - Universal Ultra-Remove Control

The SLICK CLICK by Free Signal TV is the ultimate remote Control!  Completely waterproof (survives the dishwasher, pool, or outside in the rain!).  Lifetime replacement guarantee.  Features smooth surface pressure sensitive command buttons, sealed case, and Universal “Easy Learn” programming for multiple device control. Super lightweight and supplied with (2) AAA batteries – this device will outlive your hardware and represents the latest in remote control technology. Uniquely designed to be nearly indestructible, plus easy and comfortable to use. Measures 6.5” Long X 2.25” Wide.


Performance (We Rock!)


Here’s the geeky tech-stuff regarding performance for our products. All results are direct from lab testing and provided with confidence – no exaggerations! 


The Marathon Plus HDTV Antenna 

Construction: Sealed composite shell. Advanced conductive internal alloy components. All-weather design. 

Noise: < 3.5 Db, Gain:40 dBi

Reception Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 700 MHz – Low VHF, High VHF, Full Range UHF 

Type: Bi-directional

Signal Capture Capability: Up to 110 miles* from source

Power Requirements: 110V (for internal amplifier)

Connectivity: Up to 6 TVs (ultimate performance subject to quality of in-home connection/wiring, distance from source and antenna placement).

Dimensions: 35.8 W (with VHF dipoles attached) X 21.6” H X 4.3” D.  

Weight: Approx 4.8 lbs


*Reception Expectations: You will receive VHF/UHF/FM signals in HD quality (720p -1080p) from stations transmitting up to 100 miles from your location. Typical reception distances are between 30 and 50 miles from transmitter source and depend on signal strength, antenna placement, connection quality and terrain/line of sight obstructions. Sources will be local network programming (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.) + Public TV, Government access stations and local cable content generated from a local site/source. For stations and range, please click HERE.


Transit TV Series

                                             CT-22T18                      CT-28T18                          CT-32T18                        CT-40T18

Screen Size                       21.4” Diagonal                 27.5” Diagonal                    31.5” Diagonal                   40” Diagonal

Display Resolution               1366 X 768                      1366 X 768                        1366 X 768                        1920 X 1080

Brightness                            300 cd/m2                         300 cd/m2                         300 cd/m2                        250 cd/m2

Viewing Angle                      160 X 150°                        160 X 150°                       178 X 178°                          178 X 178°

Response Time                        5 ms                                  5 ms                                5 ms                                    5ms

Audio Output                           2 x 3W                              2 x 3W                             2 x 6W                               2 x 8W

Power                                     12V DC                               12V DC                           12V DC                              12V DC

Power Consumption               <33 W                                 <39W                               <49W                                 <65W

Dimensions (WxHxD)          20 X 12 X 2.1”             25.1 X 13.75 X 2.5”              28.8 X 17.4 X 3.2”             36.4 X 21.5 X 3.6”          

Weight                                    7.1 lbs                                 9.2 lbs                                13.1 lbs                           15.5 lbs         



Stealth Mobile TV Antennas


CA-1000 Antenna Specifications                                                                    

Input Power                       9V DC – 16V DC                            

Operating Temp                -25 F to 145 F                                   

Frequency Video Range     54 MHz – 698 MHz                         

FM Frequency Range         87 MHz – 108 MHz                         

Weight                               3.4 lbs                                              

Dimensions                        8.5” X 4”                                                           

Radio Output                     FM                                                                                                                               

Impedance                         75 Ohm                                                                                                                      Windows Vista                                                                                                          


Gain                                   20 dB                                               


Directivity                          Omni-Directional                                


Warranty                           One Year Replacement





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