Major Cable Companies Offer Internet Only Plans

Burlington, KY – Galaxy Communications, LLC announced today the latest Internet only rate plans from top Cable companies for consumers who prefer to disconnect from cable and maintain their internet connection through their provider. “A little research on our part revealed that the major cable carriers are recognizing the consumer demand for Internet only service and rolling out pricing plans that allow their customers to ‘cut the cord for TV’ and still maintain their Internet connectivity”, stated John Berry, President of Free Signal TV™ – a division of Galaxy Communications. The rate plans of three of the largest providers range from $14.99 per month to $39.99 per month. Rates vary on contract length and speed of the connection. “Clearly, this option provides a desired service to those cable customers who have felt the need to disconnect from the high monthly charges of television programming”, Berry said. “Free Signal applauds this move, as it makes it easier for consumers to make choices that fit their needs and budget, and capitalize on utilizing our antenna products to receive free television programming.”

Free Signal TV™ provides high performance antenna products for consumers who wish to save substantial money by capturing network and local television broadcasting with no monthly fees or contracts.


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