HDTV Antenna: Death of Cable is Inevitable

Imagine going to the grocery store for a couple of items and finding out that you had to buy everything in the store in order to get your two items. Sounds crazy, right? But isn’t that what you do when you pay for cable every month? Stacy Johnson, of Money Talks News, explains how the scales have tipped and the death of cable is inevitable in a great video / article titled: The Long Slow Death of Cable Just Reached a Tipping Point.

In a nutshell, the video shows how you don’t have to pay for cable anymore by just purchasing a few items to boost the televisions you already have. Things like an HDTV Antenna (The Marathon by Free Signal for $149) and also a gadget that connects your television to the internet can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year. Stacy, goes on to say if you cannot find the show on regular television, use streaming services like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video to watch them for as little as $8/month. There are even options for sports lovers. He ends the segment

by asking the question, If you can’t find your show via television or streaming services, is it worth paying hundreds of dollars a year to watch it?

The article discusses how Sony, Vox Media and Showtime “all announced that they would be joining the rush to provide streaming video on demand in some fashion or another. Their moves follow HBO’s announcement this week that it will finally launch its standalone HBO Now video streaming service in an exclusive partnership with Apple — for the first time, allowing customers to watch HBO shows without paying for a traditional cable package.”

CBS Chief, Les Moonves, went so far as to say, “Clearly the bundle is changing. The days of the 500-channel universe are over.” We agree! In fact, Netflix just announced that it was in more than 36% of the homes in the United States. That’s why Free Signal TV has brought to you the Marathon Long Distance HDTV Antenna. You can even test out what channels you would receive in your area by visiting the stations page. All you do is type in your zip code to see what you can expect to receive. The great thing is, our customers have been getting even better results than were predicted.

Kudos to Stacy Johnson and Money Talks News – this was a fantastic article!

You can read the entire article here: The Long Slow Death of Cable Just Reached a Tipping Point

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