Those Who Cut The Cord Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank

There’s a new trend in town and it’s all about making life easier, simpler and better for those who put it into action. You might have heard people talking about making an effort to “cut the cord.” If you’re not quite sure what that means, let us explain. In times past, the phrase cut the cord w

Now, fast forward to today’s world of addiction to technology. We no longer have to wait for anything. We want what we want, and we want it on our own terms at our own convenience. Unfortunately, that demand for instant gratification has enslaved us to monthly bills that continue to rise at random thanks to many of the large TV service companies. However, in the present day and age, people are beginning to grow weary of rising monthly bills and those who have had enough are looking for alternative routes to still get what they want, without being dependent on the companies who charge outrageous prices for services. Thus, began the trend of a new way to cut the cord. People started buying HDTV Antennas which are more popular than ever and look nothing like the enormous steel contraptions we had 30+ years ago. Sleek and simple in design, one antenna in particular provides an HDTV signal to every TV in the house, and picks up many more stations than just local networks.

In 2015, cutting the cord is becoming more prominent than ever. In fact, USA Today reports that cord-cutting accelerated during the first three months of this year for the first time. Confirming this, on May 11th, the analysts from research firm MoffettNathanson wrote, “Cord-cutting has finally accelerated,” after releasing their report on first quarter earnings.

What does this mean for you? It means that you’re not the only one getting upset by the continual rise of your television bill. Whether it’s satellite or cable, both are guilty of offering great deals and then continuously raising the fee for their services once the honeymoon is over. What’s most interesting, is there are many people who stay simply because they are unaware of their options.

There are two things that keep people unnecessarily attached to their cable or satellite.

  1. Losing DVR capabilities; and

  2. Fear of losing their favorite show that is featured on a cable station vs. a major network.

Good news! You no longer have to fear either of these things if you choose to cut the cord. The same technology that made us so dependent on cable and satellite has continued to grow and now offers incredible alternatives.

First the DVR – wow, what an invention! Seriously, instead of trying to arrange your entire world around your favorite Thursday night TV show, now you can simply record it and watch it whenever it’s convenient. What most people don’t realize though, is that the DVR was actually invented way before Cable or Satellite ever offered them as part of their service. Early adapters owned a DVR long before ditching it to use the one that came along with their TV service provider. Here are a couple of options to buy a DVR outright and not worry about needing cable or satellite to have this option

  1. TiVo. One of the first DVR makers to find success, TiVo continues to offer different options for those searching for digital recording devices. They run in price range from approximately $40 to as much as $310 if you want your DVR to also be a streaming media player because you don’t own Smart TV but want to be able to use services like Netflix or Hulu. Whatever your needs are, TiVo has an option that suits you.

While TiVo is our favorite, with a simple Amazon search we found many other providers like:

  1. Tablo;

  2. Sony;

  3. Channel Master;

  4. Mediasonic; and

  5. Samsung;

Now let’s address this fear of losing your favorite show. We suggest you look around a bit. Find out if your favorite show has been picked up by one of the many streaming services there are today. Look on the internet to see if you can watch your show on the station’s website. More and more stations are valuing online show watchers just as much as those who watch it on television, so the number of stations offering their shows online continues to grow. Finally, if you can’t find anywhere to watch that show but on the television service that is providing it, figure up your yearly cost of TV and ask yourself if that show is worth it. If not, consider asking your library to carry the series and then check it out when it becomes available.

At the end of the day, early adopters who cut the cord are going to laugh all the way to the bank. With the average family spending over $1,400 a year on cable or satellite TV, that money will add up quickly. They’ll be the ones who are sharing pictures of their vacations in tropical places while you sit at home relieved that you still pay extravagant, rising monthly TV bills so you can catch that one hour a week that means so much.

This article is brought to you by Free Signal TV®, a division of Galaxy Communications, LLC. Free Signal TV® offers long-distance, whole-house, HDTV Antennas at an affordable price. Visit to learn more.


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