Cut The Cord: Will TV Streaming Services Wipe Out Cable?

As more and more people “cut the cord” the undoing of the mega cable company seems eminent. Now that Millennials are starting to set up house, it’s becoming clear they prefer TV streaming services much more than a large cable bill coming in the mail each month. Between the internet, mobile devices, tablets, TiVo, Netflix, Hulu and a plethora of other streaming services, the

So what does cable have to offer anymore? Unfortunately, less and less. Now that HBO has announced its stand-alone service and partnership with Apple TV, it appears that Showtime will be following the same path. It’s expected that this trend of independence among premium movie channels will continue and what once was cable’s diamond carrot will no longer be a draw. Additionally, the word is out that HBO might be partnering with some cable services to develop a bundled internet plan replacing the bundled cable plan. In the big picture, this would indicate that the trend to cut the cord is here to stay.

Take away the movie channels from cable and what do you have left? Local television stations and regular cable TV. How are people who cut the cord able to continue getting stations like these? It’s actually easier than you think. You don’t have to buy a big crazy antenna for your roof top or pray that the next storm doesn’t carry the whole thing away with the wind. In fact, today’s TV antennas are not only small in size, but are actually attractive in design and thankfully, much easier to install. Add to that the ability to reach longer distances than ever before and they become very appealing. Additionally, we’re not talking about fuzzy station reception where little Jane has to stand in the left corner of the room with one hand on the TV and the other reaching toward the roof so the station comes in more clear. Today’s TV antennas can actually connect digitally with stations that are miles away and bring you high definition! This means it’s time to let go of the stigma that you’ve carried around about antennas since you first switched from the antenna of old to the amazing cable television in the first place. It’s just not the same.

People who cut the cord have many options when it comes to antennas. However, only one (like this one) can deliver long range HDTV transmissions to an entire house of TVs – eliminating the need to buy multiple antennas, one for each TV. After that, for their favorite cable programs they simply look online. Many shows are now being carried by streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu and if they’re not there, they probably will be soon. Additionally, many stations are beginning to host episodes of their popular shows directly on their own websites. In fact, some of the more popular shows get their very own website and have full episodes available just one day after they air on TV! So don’t worry, you’ll still be able to keep up with those Kardashians even if you choose to cut-the-cord!


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