Over 600,000 Cut the Cord in 2nd Quarter

A recent article from USA Today titled “Pay-TV Subscribers Cutting Cord in Droves” revealed that providers of the service experienced more losses than ever with over 600,000 subscribers choosing to leave as the recent trend of “cord-cutting” continues to rise. The article goes on to describe how a growing number of traditional pay-tv subscribers are moving to streaming and net-delivery options such as Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and HBO Now in addition to the ever-growing Netflix and Hulu.

Although 83% of homes are still subscribing to pay-tv services, two straight quarters of decline could be an indication of an impending mass exodus. Interestingly enough, the first quarter of each year is usually a strong quarter of growth for these companies. In fact, the first quarter of 2014 showed an increase of 267.000. However, the first quarter of 2015 showed an actual loss of 26,000 subscribers. Analysts say that past years have shown the first 2 quarters balancing each other out, but not 2015. The increasing losses one quarter after another are indicative of changing trends. Overall, if you take into account the growth in new households, the number that are choosing to either cut the cord or never subscribe to pay TV is nearly 2 million over the past year.


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