Marathon Whole-House HDTV Antenna Ranks #5 in Top 10

When an expert in the industry takes the time to tell others about your product it means the world to both the business owner, and to those in search of a similar product. Why? For two reasons:

1. Because it's an impartial review that provides no benefit to the person telling the story. This provides credibility to the content of the review and value to the consumer.

2. It's just nice!! Seriously, when you know you have an awesome product and someone else takes the time to acknowledge it, it's awesome for everyone.

This time, it is that took time to rate the Marathon Whole-Houe, Long-Range, HDTV Antenna as No. 5 in it's list. And we appreciate it. You can read the entire article by clicking here. Here's what they had to say:

"Free Signal’s HDTV antenna offers unparalleled performance even when used [outdoors] . It was designed to withstand any weather conditions and extreme temperature or if required it can be installed indoors. It works with a wide range of frequencies and comes with a powerful amplifier that delivers a clear signal with minimal interference. The model is fairly easy to install and eliminates the need of paying for cable service."

We appreciate the nod from Top 10 The Best - and hope that more electronics experts will take notice. However, you can really find out how awesome the Marathon is by simply reading the reviews on either our Testimonials Page or directly on because they are incredible!

What's given the Marathon an even better boost is the fact that now you can pair it with a DVR! Many of our customers were hesitant at first because they didn't want to lose the ability to record their favorite shows. So they kept paying cable bills month after month in order to simply be able to use the DVR funcitonality. We were finally able to answer that problem! You can find out more about our Airview DVR by clicking here.

If you or somone you know is looking to finally cut the cord like thousands of others, you're going to love what we can offer. Learn more here.

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