Take this Quiz to Determine if You Should Cut the Cord in 2017

Many people that want to cut the cord, but haven’t made the decision to leave cable behind admit that they have concerns related to whether the options available to them will be enough to entertain their family. If you’ve been toying with the idea of cutting the cord but haven’t made that decision yet, here’s four questions that will help you determine if it’s the right move for you:

  1. When you watch cable television, what do you watch?

  2. Mostly news and prime time shows on major networks

  3. I can’t get enough of ESPN

  4. I cannot miss Game of Thrones on HBO

  5. The Food Network is my only addiction

  6. When do you watch your favorite shows?

  7. I DVR them and watch them when it’s convenient

  8. I schedule my life around them and watch them live

  9. I watch them when I can but sometimes have to DVR them

  10. If I miss them I miss them, but I never DVR

  11. Do you have a smart TV?

  12. I don’t, but I use my Apple TV to use the streaming services I like

  13. I do, but it’s outdated so I can only get Netflix and Amazon Prime

  14. I don’t, but I use a Firestick to stream the shows I want.

  15. No and I don’t need one because my cable gives me everything I want.

  16. How often do you watch TV?

  17. Every single day of my life at least 6+ hours

  18. Every day between 2-4 hours

  19. Occasionally but I have a busy life so I only get to watch now and then

  20. Rarely, but when I do I want to watch what I like.

So how did you do? Well, to be honest, every single one of you who answered any of the above questions will understand in a few minutes that each one of the TV Personality Types described above can still be completely happy even if they choose to cut the cord. Let’s break down each question.

1. If you answered A on Question 1, then the decision to cut the cord is easy. You should receive every major network with the one-time purchase of an HDTV, Whole-House Antenna and be completely happy. Watch your favorite network news and primetime show whenever you want. However, the same goes for answers B, C, and D. Each one of those cable networks is available either through an independent account or by using a streaming device. For instance, ESPN is available through Sling TV for a monthly fee that is much lower than your cable bill. Likewise, you can now use HBONOW to stream Game of Thrones. As far as the Food Network, many of their shows are available on Netflix and the ones that aren’t can be streamed through the same Sling TV that you watch ESPN with. See how easy this is? If you're looking for an HDTV Antenna head over to our home page for more info.

2. Question number 2 speaks to the fear that many have of cutting cable because they won’t have a DVR anymore. This one drives us crazy! Independent DVRs have been around for years! Make a one-time purchase and there you go, DVR your favorite shows anytime you want! If you schedule your life around them to see them live, then it’s even easier for you – especially if they are on a major network that you can get through your HDTV Antenna. And if it’s a cable show, let me remind you once again of Sling TV.

3. The third question about having a smart TV was really only to guide you to the best device possible to help cutting the cord be as easy as it can be. If you own an Apple TV, great, you can stream all kinds of shows already. Go ahead and cut the cord now! If you have an outdated Smart TV it is still easy. You can purchase an Apple TV or a FireStick or even a Roku all of which range between $50 and $150 depending on the version you get. You simply plug it into your TV and away you go. Let’s be honest here, though, one of our staffers just bought a brand new 32” Roku TV from Best Buy for her guest bedroom. What did it cost her? A whopping $130. And she can’t believe everything she can stream with that TV. We’re willing to bet that $130 is less than your next two cable bills combined. Why do you continue throw money down the drain? Lastly, if you answered D to this question, well, you’re just being stubborn and set in your ways then, aren’t you? Hey – if you have the money to flush down the toilet, go for it!

4. Finally, Question 4 gets down to the reality of it. How much are you paying per hour for the TV you’re watching. If you can spend $20 or even $30/month to stream TV instead of the average cable bill of $100/month (which continues to rise almost 10% per year) why wouldn’t you want to save almost $1,000 year? Wouldn’t you rather take a vacation? How about buying that new appliance you’ve been wanting? Ladies, let’s be real, $1,000 spent wisely can redo that bedroom you’ve grown to dislike so much!

The result of your quiz, of everyone who takes this quiz, is this: If the thought of cutting the cord has even crossed your mind once, then what’s holding you back. It’s not just a trend, it’s an actual movement towards watching the TV you want to watch when you want to watch it. More importantly, it’s a step towards being more frugal with your money rather than consistently throwing it away on channels that you never watch. We’ve talked to thousands of people, just like you, who have been absolutely thrilled that they finally made the decision to cut the cord, save money, and live a simpler life.

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