Marathon Rated Five Stars!!

Yet another consumer review website took notice of The Marathon Antenna by Free Signal TV. This time it was a company called No Cable. Here's a few things they had to say about The Marathon:

1. Top Notch Design - No Cable noted the size of the Marathon HDTV Antenna but related that size to the fact that it's long-range of 100+ miles is the size necessary. They go on to mention that its sleek and slim form-factor makes it easy to fit it up against your home's exterior wall making it almost unnoticeable.

2. Relative Cost - No Cable takes note that due to The Marathon's quality and design value, the fact that it is in the higher price-range of HDTV antennas is relative. It goes on to say that the average household will save approximately $125 a month.

3. Simple Installation - No Cable points out that the brackets which are included with The Marathon, make it possible to attach it to a pole or to be screwed and attached like a picture frame. They go on to discuss the amplifier in the Marathon is specifically designed to propagate the signal multiple times and carry a solid game to up to 4 TVs. This is a significant feature because most of the less expensive models lose significant signal strength if split more than twice.

4. Performance - During their test of The Marathon, No Cable found that even their most problematic channel was as clear and smooth as they've ever received it.

No Cable wraps up their review by stating that The Marathon is their top long-range HDTV Antenna for a variety of reasons. You can read their entire review here:

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