Another Story of Appreciation for Free Signal TV™

Reminiscing on the days where cable TV provided watchers with thousands of channels at the touch of a button is no longer a dream for customers. Developments in stream networks like Netflix and Hulu have nearly eliminated the need for such services. Watchers can stream almost any show or movie as many times as they want for a small fee every month compared to sky-high cable prices. The only hesitation that people have with regards to getting rid of their cable TV are the channels you cannot get on Netflix. Local news and classic stations are still vital for watchers to have in their homes. Watchers have searched for ways to get rid of this expensive monthly cost by switching between cable, dish, and antennas with no luck - until Free Signal TV, that is.

A customer of Free Signal TV™ found the answer after struggling for so long with other methods.

Customer Al Steward reached out to Free Signal TV™ this summer regarding the Marathon antenna he purchased. After some initial questions were quickly answered, Mr. Steward had nothing but words of praise for Free Signal TV™.

Set up in his attic, Mr. Steward struggled to get signal strong and consistent enough to his two televisions. After replacing his previous set up with the Marathon antenna, he stated that he went from getting 34 channels to about 60! Not only are they receiving more channels than before, they are able to stream to both televisions successfully! Better yet, they are getting all channels on both. He stated, “My wife really thanks you. Now she can watch Jeopardy in peace.” Mr. Steward ended his message with a confirmation of the quality services Free Signal TV™ offered him and said they gained “one very pleased customer.”

To that, Free Signal Responded:

Thank you so much for your update and kind words. It's cases like this that make all our efforts worthwhile! Others can certainly learn from your experience. Once again, thanks so much Alan, we're glad your wife is happy and you're finally getting the channels you deserve. And all Free!

If you want to read more great reviews about Free Signal TV and the Marathon HDTV, Long-Distance, Whole-House Antenna, visit our testimonials page.

You can also take a look at all of our products by visiting our online store here: Visit store.

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