3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Cut the Cord!

Are you thinking about cutting the cord to save money? Have you been too afraid that you might miss your favorite show, not be able to watch the Academy Awards or cheer on your favorite team? We get it, sometimes it’s all about getting to throw off the day by being entertained by your favorite show – and you don’t want to risk losing that. We think the following three tips are going to help ease your fears for good:

  1. DVRs Still Exist! Just because your cable company includes a DVR feature with your package doesn’t mean you are held prisoner to their service. You can order DVR’s for around $70 and keep right along recording your favorite shows by using an HDTV Digital antenna to get the local stations that matter most. You can order one here: http://freesignal.tv Then move on to No. 2 for info about keeping your favorite cable stations.

  2. You Won’t Lose Your Favorite Cable Channel! Are you addicted to the Food Network? Perhaps you can’t miss your favorite sport’s team when they play? Is it the Real Housewives that make you feel relaxed and good about life? No worries – you will NOT lose your favorite channel. These networks grew wise a few years ago and began streaming their own content or they joined up with another service who streams many channels. Check out Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu or YouTube TV. All of these services offer many channels and even some of their own content for a much, much cheaper subscription fee. Look for your favorite shows and figure out which one or even two services will meet your needs. Compare it to your cable fee and you’ll be saving for your next vacation in no time.

  3. You’ll Have More Money in the Bank! Think about whatever you need. Is it a weekend away? Is it new clothes? Want to remodel your kitchen? You can easily save $100 a month by cutting the cord and if a new project or vacation isn’t on the horizon, then simply enjoy having a cushion in the bank. Financial security provides everyone with more peace of mind.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Cut the cord without missing any of your favorite shows, recording the episodes you don’t want to miss and adding money to your bank account each and every month. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Order your antenna, pick your streaming service and start saving money today!

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