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Cable Companies Hate Us — You’ll Love Us!


Why? With Free Signal TV™ there’s no service subscription, monthly billing or contract.  That’s right. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  It’s simple.  Invest less than a typical cable bill in one of our unique hi-gain antennas, and you’ll have access to both HD and regular definition TV broadcasts featuring major network programming, plus a wide variety of alternate programming options including local and regional stations.  It’s a tremendous value and super simple. One connection, endless entertainment, free all the time, with no extra fees. You'll also love our new DVR/Digital Convertor - Airview.  Now you can record TV programs to enjoy when you want, and even take them with you via an 8G memory stick that's included.  Oh, and we guarantee your satisfaction — or your money back. So throw away your cable box, and those enormous monthly cable bills and step up to Free Signal TV™.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for.  TV as it should be.

Why Free Signal TV™?


A long time ago (in our own galaxy!) the FCC regulated that TV signals generated from local network providers should be accessible to the general public at no charge – Free Signal TV™! Having a high performance TV antenna means you can capitalize on receiving these signals and eliminate costly over-priced Cable and Dish subscriptions. What makes our products different? All are engineered with the latest proven RF (Radio Frequency) technology, and outperform the competition. Our premier product, the Marathon from our New Era antenna line, provides whole house super long range performance via one antenna – something that was previously handled by old fashion TV tower aerial antennas (ugh-ly!). Uh oh, now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Read more about our stellar products elsewhere on this site.

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Life and technology are complicated enough. Allow us to take the mystery (and confusion) out of how TV reception works. Television signals are carried by RF (radio frequency) waves that originate from a transmission tower at or near the source of the signal. The waves travel across airspace and are received at a given point by a TV receiver. For many years, these signals were generated in analog format. Early in 2006, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) required stations switch to digital transmission technology. Like light waves, TV broadcast waves can be absorbed, reflected and refracted by many things; hills, trees, other buildings, the curvature of the Earth, etc. Other factors that affect reception include height of antenna, quality of connection of home cabling system, and the quality of the TV receiver circuitry. Free Signal TV™ products are designed to maximize capture of the available signals, amplify them – and easily transfer them to your home TV (or multiple TVs). Unlike cable and satellite companies who control the distribution of these signals (and hold users captive to a large monthly bill to receive them), Free Signal TV™ helps viewers in a variety of locations enjoy free transmissions at no cost, with superior image quality and minimal maintenance. The Marathon is a directional antenna, which means the user simply aims it toward the nearest transmission source (see TV That’s Far Out on this site) and the antenna does the rest. Directional antennas typically outperform Omni-directional antennas due to their ability to effectively capture a narrow range of the sky from a long distance and maximize the signals via their specialized internal circuitry. The Marathon can be placed outside or inside, in an attic or mounted on the side of a house, deck or chimney. Mounting hardware is included, making it turn-key ready and easy to install. Lastly, don’t be fooled by outlandish specifications from some TV antenna providers (we’ll leave out the names –but you know who you are!). Here are some terms that can help you make an educated decision about what antenna is best for your use. Frequency Range indicates the range of TV frequencies that can be received. Gain means the ability of the antenna to amplify the captured signal – similar to amplification. The key specification to consider when looking at antennas is the Signal Capture Capability of the antenna. A clothes hanger attached to a TV can capture a minimal signal. However, even with a gain of 30 or 40 Db, the viewer will likely see static. The better the signal capture capability, the better the antenna’s amplifier can enhance the input signal. Good signal in – great signal out. Poor signal in – poor signal out. Therefore, gain is just one of many factors to look at when considering an antenna. Signal Capture Capability is where the Marathon and other Free Signal TV™ products excel – especially for VHF bandwidth which requires a specific antenna structure to connect to the signal (hence the di-pole design built into the Marathon). Innovative design: it’s what our engineers focus on, and what sets our products apart from the competition (and their outlandish unproven stats!).


How TV Signals Work

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