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Free Signal TV Product Family

Free Signal TV is a division of Galaxy Communications, LLC – a Kentucky Limited Liability Corporation located in Burlington, KY, just south of Cincinnati, OH.  The company began business in 2015, and is built upon a rich heritage of TV antenna design and installations, coupled with a steadfast mission to provide the general public with free access to high-quality television programming.


Dr. Lathrop Berry, the founding father behind the company’s extensive RF experience, began installing ultra-high aerial TV towers in Jackson, Michigan homes in the early 1940′s (see photo inset).  Many of these antennas are still in service today.  Free Signal TV carries on a long standing tradition of engineering cutting-edge RF products to meet consumer’s needs and delivering long term solutions at competitive prices.


The company contracts with a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial television and audio/antenna equipment to bring to market high-quality electronics supported by outstanding customer service.

Free Signal TV Warehouse with Antenna
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