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Advanced Entertainment Solutions for your Advanced Entertainment Needs

Welcome to Advanced Entertainment Solutions - the commercial division of Galaxy Communications LLC/Free Signal TV. We are your one stop source for cutting-edge customized electronics designed for unique applications that require intuitive engineering, outstanding durability and creative adaptability.


Some of our product application categories include hospitals, factories, outdoor video crowd communication, and mobile antenna and DC powered TV solutions for the RV, marine and over the road industries.  Your need fuels our creative drive to provide a solution!


Our selection of high-performance televisions includes a wide range of sizes and features, including 4K Ultra HD resolution, smart TV capabilities, weatherproof outdoor displays, and durable construction to withstand the demands of environmentally-challenging applications.


Additionally, we offer a variety of mobile and fixed placement high-performance OTA antennas designed to receive long range analog and digital transmissions for reliable and scalable TV reception.

Built for the Long Haul

Cutting-edge Technology

Our advanced electronic solutions combine the latest, most advanced and innovative technologies available

Unmatched Reliability

Our solutions are designed and manufactured to operate continuously under demanding conditions

Knowledgeable Customer Care

We offer a higher level of customer support for those who rely on our solutions and cannot afford downtime


Bright, Durable, and Ready for Anything

For a sample of our high-performance products, check out this video of our AquaVision outdoor, weatherproof display.

Airport Information Screens

Coming Soon...

With our focus on quality and reliability, you can trust Advanced Entertainment Solutions to provide the perfect electronics solutions to meet your commercial needs.


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