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VULCAN Mobile Communication Display 65"

VULCAN Mobile Communication Display 65"

SKU: VMCD-2365

Durable. Versatile. Intelligent.

  • Weatherproof High Resolution 4K Ultra-Bright LED display for amazing outdoor entertainment via streaming content or OTA TV reception.
  • On-Site and Remote (interactive upload) programmability for user specific messaging/text via integrated Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Self-Sustained “Off the Grid” Power via Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Bank with Solar Regeneration for Continuous 24/7 Operation.
  • Computerized Interface featuring Network Connectivity for Email, Bluetooth and Secure User Access.
  • Digital Audio with Dual Weatherproof speakers and Wireless Microphone/Headset.
  • Live OTA (Over the Air) TV Reception Capability for Updated Local and National Broadcast messages.
  • Roll-in-Place Powder coated Aluminum “BRUTUS” Chassis with Full Anchoring and Anti-theft Security Features.
  • GEO Synchronous ID for Full-Time Unit Location information and Tracking.
  • Multi-Function Strobe/Ambient Light fixture provides alert status mode and directional flood light for nighttime deployment.
  • US (Burlington, KY) Assembly with Domestic Customer/Tech Support by Free Signal TV – an Industry Leader in Advanced Electronic Solutions.
  • Setup and operation tutorial included in shipping cost
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