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Transit Platinum 22" TV

Transit Platinum 22" TV

$399.00 Regular Price
$359.00Sale Price

Our Customers asked and Free Signal TV has delivered! The next generation of mobile 12V DC powered high-definition televisions have arrived, featuring built-in Smart TV features that campers, boaters and tailgaters have been asking for!


The Transit Platinum 12 Volt TV line offers 22”, 28”, 32” and 40” high-definition ultra-bright 1080p LED screen sizes with built in Wifi/Internet connectivity and other cutting-edge features like ultra-low power draw, integrated SD-DVD player, easy Bluetooth connectivity, popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more.


Engineered for long lasting mobile use with vibration resistant chassis and durable 1080p high resolution LED screen. Standard home use televisions don’t last in a mobile environment – and the Transit Platinum models feature unique “Flex-Environment” engineering which allows reliable operation across a wide range of temperatures and humidities for reliable use in demanding environments. Manufactured to Free Signal TV’s rigid quality control standards and backed by a one-year free replacement warranty – an industry first that debuted with the original Transit 12 DC powered TV line.


Easy set up and operation, includes 110V optional powerbrick, 12V car charger outlet cord, multi-function “one-key command” remote, and detailed user manual. Supported by Free Signal TV’s top-rated domestic-based Customer Care and Tech Support Teams for assistance with questions and customized set-up applications. Experience the enjoyment, performance and peace of mind that only Free Signal TV’s unique Advanced Entertainment Solutions can deliver!

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