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Vista Wide-Span Flat Field Antenna

Vista Wide-Span Flat Field Antenna

SKU: CA-300

The Vista Wide-Span antenna by Free Signal TV features outstanding UHF and VHF Hi/Lo reception with easy set up and installation.  The unique flat-field design and rectangular shape results in solid short to medium range reception that outperforms other flat panel antennas.


Years of intensive RF (radio frequency) engineering and field testing helped create the Vista antenna which is designed to capture digital TV signals from up to 40 miles away in stunning 4k resolution without the need for a power connection for amplification.


Product includes clear suction cup mounts for window/wall placement as well as a self adhesive attachment option.  An integrated 16" flexible Coaxial connector allows placement away from TV for mounting flexibility.


Backed by Free Signal TV's top-rated Tech Support/Customer Care Team for expert assistance and answers to any questions. 

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